I make no bones about my disdain for Joe Buck, and I was certainly prepared for him to verbally fellate Brett Favre yesterday, but I had to chuckle when he was calling Favre’s interception late in the third quarter. As Favre went back to throw a second down pass, Joe Buck decided it was a good time to say that the quarterback, “was still smiling”. The pass was immediately picked off and Brett Favre was on the ground writhing in pain….

Just hilarious timing for Buck to praise Favre there. Even more curious was the fact that the camera wasn’t even on Favre at the time, as Dan Levy pointed out on The Sporting Blog….

“And what was most interesting about that call is that the camera was on the wide shot, preparing for the snap, when Buck mentioned Favre was still smiling. Does Buck have his own “Favre Face” camera? How did he know? What if it was nothing more than an uncomfortable grimace?”

It wouldn’t surprise me if there actually was a camera that Buck had that showed Favre the entire game. We all know John Madden had one, so he could of just borrowed it from him.

However, Buck wasn’t nearly as sad and angry as Paul Allen and Pete Bercich, the Vikings announcers yesterday (Via Hot Clicks)….

Press Coverage (The Sporting Blog)