I can’t say I’ve been completely enamored with the FIBA World Championship, but I somehow found myself channel surfing this afternoon and stopping upon the Lithuania vs. Spain game on NBA TV. What a delectable treat that turned out to be.

As if the game wasn’t great in and of itself, the announcer calling the action made it sound like an instant classic. I have no idea who the dude was (feel free to let us know in the comments UPDATE: Liam Canny), but he sounded like a Third World country’s Gus Johnson.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • He used “hold on to your hats” and “put on your seatbelts” in successive phrases.
  • “Hold on to your hats!” was kind of a catch phrase for him. He said it at least 3-4 times in the 2nd half.
  • Anytime there was a fast break or a turnover he’d say, “Uh-oh!” Like, uh-oh, I may have just pooted.
  • Bounce passes were “delicious.”
  • He described individual NBA players as “the NBA player.”
  • At least twice, he exclaimed, “I love this game.” Another reason for this?
  • When the camera would pan the crowd, the announcer was very descriptive of what was shown, like, “a fan from Lithuania is cheering,” or “a fan from Spain is cheering.”
  • Late in the game, a couple of times, the camera would be scanning the crowd as the action restarted. Our buddy would yell out, “Please get back to the action!”
  • Rubio threw an alley-oop and the call was “oh, nice pass… and Fernandez with the send it down!”
  • “sends it down” was a common call for dunks.
  • The best line of the day: “If you are Lithuania, DON’T FOUL! Ok, you fouled there. That’s ok.”

Highlights of the game are below with this mystery man calling the scintillating action! Also, the game will be replayed Wednesday on NBA TV at 5 p.m. I’m recording it and will update with some more potent quotables (and hopefully his freaking name — Liam Canny).

H/T to Rick James Bible Owner and Nick6666 for providing his name. I’ll update the quotes this weekend when I get around to watching the ol’ DVR.

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