Here’s the CSN color analyst for the Washington Capitals, Craig Laughlin, ignoring nifty stickwork and calling a Florida Panthers goal a shitty one:

When I think of “shitty” goals I think of goals from half ice, pucks taking weird bounces off the boards and winding up in front of the net for an easy score, own goals and maybe goals that are a result of players charging the goalie. Oh, and any goal scored against my favorite team.

You can now add “shitty” to the Craig Laughlin drinking game and then start on your way to getting “shitty” for the reference he made to his partner, Joe Beninati.

UPDATE:  DC Sports Blog points out that Laughlin denied saying “shitty” and was instead saying “shinny,” which is also a hockey term. If it looks and sounds like “shitty,” it must be “shitty.” Otherwise, you should enunciate, Mr. Laughlin.

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