In news that is not surprising and spectacular at the same time, a very dapper Gus Johnson wants his chance to call a Final 4. If Gus had the mic during Hayward’s half court shot I’m pretty positive he would have willed that one in. The ensuing call of that play would have probably had us all hugging our TV’s and crying in joy just on the strength of the call alone. Before the world ends in 2012, I hope we all are blessed enough to experience what would for sure be a pinnacle moment in the existence of voice. Nobody has missed that curmudgeon Packer when he left, so, let’s allow Nantz to stroll around the Masters course and talk in his whisper voice from now until 2012 to make room.

The other exciting news from this interview is that Gus is starting his own clothing line, Rise and Fire. I mean, it just seems like a natural fit, having a PBP man have a clothing line. I have no insight what a Gus Johnson clothing company would entail, but in this writer’s opinion it’d probably be something like velour suits with just the word “AHHHHH!” written in size 114 font on the back. Also, who knew everytime Adam Morrison took a pull up J he was actually rising above his adversity and firing his shot into the world to let his voice be heard. That’s Gus, the thinking man’s announcer.

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