The Metrodome collapse wasn’t the only major news from last weekend in the NFL.  No, Fox may be finding a new and improved way to subtly destroy your NFL viewing experience.  Fox’s latest attempt to screw up sports broadcasting came last Sunday by adding strange music to its coverage of the 49ers-Seahawks game.  What better way to spice up a matchup between two terrible teams than with cheesy, dramatic sound effects in a 30 point blowout!  While NFL Films has perfected this craft with iconic instrumental epics, something tells me the network that has brought us Digger, Slider, the glow puck, the insane band close ups, and Joe Buck might find a way to botch this idea.  See and hear for yourself below…

The scary news is that USA Today reports Fox is thinking about doing this again.  Sadly, this may actually be a cool idea that Fox has ruined before anyone could perfect it.  Think about this – Bill Belichick roams the sidelines to The Godfather Waltz, the Jaws soundtrack starts as the camera zooms in on Ray Lewis’ eyes, Drew Brees marches the Saints down the field to music from The Patriot, and Benny Hill can be busted out for any bloopers!  Try it for yourself!

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