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Does a job or prior engagements cause you to miss out on the infinite wisdom that Bill Plashcke bestows on us almost every day? Well, you legions of BPlash fans are now in luck if you are a Time Warner Cable subscriber with the launch of ESPN Networks. ESPN Networks is basically a live stream of ESPN that seems to have no restrictions of what content is broadcast as long as you are one of the few with Time Warner Cable. Here’s the nitty-gritty from their site.
ESPN networks
It’s really no surprise the WWL is joining the many media networks making use of the series of tubes to reach a greater audience. With the success of ESPN 3 (now on Xbox Live), it’s logical to think that eventually this service will be offered up to more Cable providers. But for now, this is excellent news for those looking for a way to watch the gargantuan matchup of two 3-7 teams on MNF tonight whose TV is already being used to watch Two and a Half Men during that time,

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