Just when you thought you had suffered enough at the hands of the biggest blowhard in sports talk radio, his life story is coming your way in a new CBS sitcom.  Variety, as well as Deadspin and The Big Lead are reporting that a new CBS sitcom is in the works based on… wait for it… Colin Cowherd.  I’ll give you a minute to pick your jaws off the floor.  What makes this horrifying news even better is that Cowherd will apparently be the producer of the sitcom!  Not even Colin Cowherd can make Colin Cowherd likable or appealing in any way. This is either the worst news in television history or the greatest day ever in Awful Announcing land.  Already Twitter is a buzz with the bizarre news.  My guess is that there is absolutely no way this finds more success than Listen Up, the sitcom about Tony Kornheiser which was cancelled after one season.  At least it can’t be worse than Cavemen (although it’s being made by the same guys).

Cowherd is the most arrogant and egotistical national sports talk show host there is in America.  He’s notoriously wrong about facts (see John Wall) and depends on snazzy cultural references and lazy stereotypes to get by.  Unless CBS decides to turn Cowherd’s character into the sports-comedy version of Dr. House, this has zero chance of working.  Of course, Cowherd probably sees himself as some sort of cross between Dr. House and Larry David… except those characters are actually funny!

Seriously, I am actually very excited to see how this turns out and how Colin Cowherd can be turned into an affable comedy star.  This should be great!  I can see some of the promotional taglines now…

“Watch as sports talk show host makes blatantly wrong and borderline racist rant about NBA rookie star then laugh at his zonky relationship with his African American best friend!  It’s $#*! The Blowhard Says!  Mondays at 9:30, only on CBS!”

“Tune in to see an egotistical national radio star shut down a mom and pop sports blog in a maniacal rampage.  Then watch as he moonlights in his attempts to become a stand-up comedian star in The Big Jerk Theory!”

“Hilarity ensues as sports shock jock Colin encounters Mike & Molly after bigoted comments about husky head coach Mark Mangino in amusing crossover hijinks!  This week on Half of a Man!”

“Know it all sports talk DJ smugly believes that he’s the smartest man in the world.  Watch as he takes his brilliant and culturally aware mind to a small town investigative crime unit.  CSI: Bristol debuts this Thursday at 10pm!  Because when you have 5 different CSI shows, what’s one more!”

Come to think of it, this actually could be a lot of fun America!


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