Colin Cowherd is everything that is wrong with sports and sports media.  He’s the most egomaniacal figure in sports journalism, period.  It would take several hours to list all of the things wrong with Cowherd and if you’ve read this blog at all throughout the past year and a half, you know he’s one of our [Randall Simon’s Sausages] favorite targets.  So, I wasn’t surprised when I saw the blogosphere blow up yesterday with incendiary comments that he made about John Wall.

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As you can see from Deadspin, The Big Lead, Fanhouse, and DC Sports Bog, these comments certainly hit a nerve.  Here’s the video below so you can see it on for yourself…

I won’t repeat the information that the other blogs so nicely put out showing the idiocy, hypocrisy, and ignorance of Cowherd whether it be the stats that refute his argument or the lies about Wall.  Really though, let’s not act surprised or astonished that Cowherd would be so ignorant.  The guy clearly has no idea what he’s talking about and hides it with willowy cultural references.  He openly admits to doing things or talking about certain players (Favre, Sanchez, etc) because they provide ratings.  He spews ad nauseum how progressive he is, but always sticks to lazy stereotypes.  He lauds his “smart” listeners, and then openly makes fun of how stupid they are when they call or e-mail.  He constantly mocks many of his own listeners for taking the time to care about sports.

Sadly, these are the controversies and stories that this clown strives for because it’s all about ratings.  Cowherd will go home and wash himself off with money while smoking a Cuban while we all sit and keep his name in the news.  He doesn’t care one bit about accuracy or fairness or facts when it comes to John Wall.  It’s all about Cowherd and his ratings.

So we, the sports fans, have two options.  Either we en masse write to ESPN, start a Bloguin-wide petition and get all of the sports blogosphere to come together and get this moron off the air… or we simply stop listening.  It’s guys like Cowherd that are what’s wrong with sports and the more he’s seen on Deadspin and The Big Lead, the more ratings and influence and success he will have.  Cowherd’s schtick is nothing new, so it’s due time that sports fans start to tune him out and listen and watch folks who actually know what they’re talking about and care enough to have the slightest bit of accuracy.  Unfortunately, as long as Cowherd’s ratings are good and his name stays in the papers he’ll be on radio and TV polluting sports… until he eventually pulls a Don Imus and gets kicked off the air.  Hopefully that day will come sooner rather than later.

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