So I get that you have to sum up the course of a game in about 30 characters, but this headline is possibly the most misleading since 2003’s “Mission Accomplished“.

As far as I can tell, Vick exceeded everyone’s expectations yesterday, going 16-24 with 175 yards by air (with 1 TD) and 103 on foot in under 3 quarters of play.  I know I was impressed.  I mean after watching him have an impact that can be described as negligible at best for the entirety of 2009, we were all lead to believe that Michael Vick has no place running an offense in this league after spending 2 years playing in the prison yard.  But he looked great, posting a passer rating of 101.9.  If anyone fell short of my expectation it was Andy Reid for calling a QB draw on the game-deciding 4th and 1, when Vick hadn’t been sacked in 24 passing attempts.  Why not call a pass and see what the defense gives you? Isn’t that the point of a quarterback that can scramble like Vick?

What do you think?