I really hate the term “Bromance”, but there’s really no other word to describe what took place in NYC last night between the Knicks’ Nate Robinson and actor Will Ferrell. Not only did Nate high five him during a three point and-one (as seen below), but he continued to do so after almost every made basket. From the NY Daily News via Total Pro Sports….

When Nate Robinson wasn’t running into crushing screens set by Jeff Foster, he was making his man crush with Will Ferrell very public, gifts included.

“If that was football I would have returned it for six,” Robinson said, referring to his gridiron days at the University of Washington. “But I would have been flagged for celebrating.”

Robinson celebrated after just about every basket and twice slapped hands with Ferrell, who was seated courtside. Afterward, Robinson presented his favorite actor with the green Knicks jersey Robinson wore at last week’s Slam Dunk contest. He even autographed it for him.

“You guys have no idea,” Robinson said. “I wanted to play well for the team and for the fans, but definitely for him.”


Awww….that’s so sweet. Forget selling the jersey and perhaps giving the profits to charity, I want my favorite actor to place it at the bottom of his dresser!

Nate Robinson wills Knicks to victory, then chats with Will Ferrell (NY Daily News)
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