I don’t know how many of you are actually going to check out the United Football League this October, but in case you are, here is the league’s full schedule for their innagural season. Oh, and get this, you can see every single game on either Versus or HDNet!

October 8 – S.F.-Las Vegas (Versus, 9pm)
October 10 – N.Y.-Florida (HDNet, 7pm)
October 14 – Florida-Las Vegas (Versus, 9pm)
October 17 – N.Y.-S.F. (HDNet, 9pm)
October 22 – S.F.-Florida (Versus, 7pm)
October 29 – S.F.-N.Y. (Versus, 7pm)
October 30 – Las Vegas-Florida (HDNet, 7pm)
November 4 – Las Vegas-N.Y. (Versus, 7pm)
November 12 – Las Vegas-S.F. (Versus, 9pm)
November 14 – Florida-N.Y. (HDNet, 7pm)
November 19 – Florida-S.F. (Versus, 9pm)
November 20 – N.Y.-Las Vegas (HDNet, 9pm)
November 27 – Championship (Versus, 3pm)

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