I stopped watching Entourage about two season ago, but with some of the recent athlete cameos they’ve put together, I might be getting back in. First it was Michael Phelps doing a walk-by, and now the crew while be hanging with New England Pats’ QB, Tom Brady. Pop Sugar (via DSpin) has the details and photos….

Tom Brady got to work — if you could call it that — on a golf course filming Entourage with the cast yesterday. The QB signed on to guest star as himself playing in a celebrity golf tournament on the HBO series and executive producer Mark Wahlberg couldn’t resist getting in on the scene as well. The boys hit the links, playing around with each other between takes and having a few laughs at Kevin Dillon’s outfit. Hopefully Tom took it easy on his knee, though there are no complaints here seeing a handful of handsome men, starring a few Boston favorites, all together.

Those are some dapper looking, young lads! I don’t know how I’d feel about Brady playing Golf during his recovery, but you have to get moving at some point. I’ll be sure to have the video when the appearance airs.

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