For over a year now, a ton of you have begged me for a radio version of the announcing schedule, and thanks to some help from Westwood One….I’ve come up with one for you to check out. Here are the radio listings for both ESPN Radio and Westwood for Championship Week….

Sunday, March 8th

MVC Championship (Westwood One, 1:45pm)- Kevin Kugler, Reid Gettys

Monday, March 9th

CAA Championship (Westwood One, 6:45pm)- Tom McCarthy, Kevin Grevey
WCC Championship (Westwood One, 8:45pm)- Dave Sims, PJ Carlesimo

Tuesday, March 10th

Horizon League Championship (Westwood One, 8:45pm)- Mark Champion, Pete Gillen

Wednesday, March 11th

Big 12 Conference Semifinal #1 (ESPN Radio, 7pm)- Marc Kestecher, Will Perdue
Pac Ten Semifinals (Westwood One, 8:45pm)- Kevin Kugler, Bill Frieder
Big 12 Conference Semifinal #2 (ESPN Radio, 9:30pm)- Marc Kestecher, Will Perdue

Thursday, March 12th

CUSA Championship (Westwood One, 11:15am)- Marc Vandermeer, Pete Gillen
SEC Semifinals (Westwood One, 12:45am)- Ian Eagle, Kevin Grevey
Big Ten Semifinals (Westwood One, 1:15pm)- Wayne Larrivee, PJ Carlesimo
Pac Ten Championship (Westwood One, 5:45pm)- Kevin Kugler, Bill Frieder

Friday, March 13th

SEC Championship (Westwood One, 12:45pm)- Ian Eagle, Kevin Grevey
Big Ten Championship (Westwood One, 3:15pm)- Wayne Larrivee, PJ Carlesimo
Big 12 Conference Championship (ESPN Radio, 6pm)- Marc Kestecher, Will Perdue