Everyone knows about my irrational hate for Lebron James. A lot of it has to do with him killing my Wizards during every Playoff series, but a lot of it also has to do with the constant hype of the Cav, and the fact that (up until this year) he’s lazy at times on the court. With that said, I’ve always thought the powder thing he does before games is original, and pretty badass, but not everyone agrees.

Kevin Ding, of the OCRegister, is now chastising NIKE for sending the message that it’s okay to ruin his laptop. From the OCReg via BDL via TSB….

“As stylish as James’ “chalk” Nike commercial is both in vision and sound, it sends a terrible message. You have no idea just how horrible that ‘chalk’ is. (It’s actually a rosin mixture — this is the one the Lakers use — to keep players’ hands dry for gripping the ball.) The powdery stuff gets everywhere — especially in sports writers’ drinks when sitting courtside and even worse … in laptop keyboards. It’s a nightmare. So boo on James (and Kevin Garnett) for throwing that crap into the air. And kudos to Bryant, who gets his and bends at the waist to lower his hands toward the floor, discreetly dispersing it with slow claps that keep it out of harm’s way.”

Wahhhhhhhh! First of all, powder isn’t going to ruin your laptop. Second, if you know it’s coming, just shut the top of the thing for 5 seconds. I know a lot of people whine about all sorts of different thing, I too do my fair share (see tag: Lebron James), but this is just a tad annoying.

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