Game 1: NFC Wild Card Playoff
Teams: Atlanta Falcons (11-5, 2nd in NFC South) vs. Arizona Cardinals (9-7, NFC West Champs)
Location: University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ
Start Time: 4:30 PM EST
Announcers and Network: Tom Hammond, Cris Collinsworth, Tiki Barber (NBC)
Miscellany: Ears pegged for mentions of Michael Vick, Bobby Petrino and the amazing comeback of the Falcons, combined with any on-air fellatio of Matty Ice comparable to the QB Trinity (Favre, Peyton, and Brady). Also note hagiography of Kurt Warner, and if Cris comes out and tells us how much the NFC West sucked this season.
Favorite: Arizona (-1.5)
S2N’s Pick: Atlanta. Cardinals don’t have much in the way of rushing D, Falcons do okay on the pass D. I suspect a heavy dose of Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood will keep Kurt Warner and his three 1,000 yard receivers off the field.

Game 2: AFC Wild Card Playoff
Teams: Indianapolis Colts (12-4, 2nd in AFC South) vs. San Diego Chargers (8-8, AFC West Champs)
Location: Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA
Start Time: 8 PM EST
Announcers and Network: Al Michaels, John Madden, Andrea Kremer (NBC)
Miscellany: Naturally, let’s be on alert for obvious Manning slurpage, shots of Archie Manning in a luxury box, and shots of both Norv and Manning Face.
Favorite: Indy (-1)
S2N’s Pick: Colts. 9 game winning streak > 4 game winning streak. No Gigantor on defense all season for the Chargers means no good pass rush against a good O-line, so Peyton Manning should have all day to throw against corners who have regressed (remember when Antonio Cromartie was a Pro Bowler?). Plus, fuck Philip Rivers right in the goddamn ear, that’s why.

Get ready. Live-blog doubleheader starts in about 30-45 minutes.

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