Twitter is taking up just about every single headline today, and that’s not just because the site was down for half the day. ESPN is still making waves about their recent “Tweet Laws”, but the newest network to use/not use the software appears to be NBC. The Peacock is actually considering an idea that will have their crew, tweeting during Sunday Night Football this season. Via the Albany Times-Union….

On a conference call today promoting NBC’s coverage of Sunday night’s Hall of Fame game (Bills-Titans), “Sunday Night Football” producer Fred Guardelli was asked about the possibility of his announcers tweeting during telecasts. Here’s his response:

“It is something that internally I’ve bandied about with the production team quite a bit. I do Twitter. I can’t tell you I do it a lot, but I do follow the people in pro football to see what they’re tweeting about.

“Twitter would probably be an excellent application for a sideline reporter because as long as they stayed within the bounds of what the NFL allows you to report, Andrea (Kremer) could probably provide a constant stream of information that you just can’t get on TV because the game is dictating how it will be covered. We’ve discussed it quite a bit and while we are not sure what we’re going to do at this point, I could see it having some value.”

While I don’t necessarily see the benefits of having the booth tweet during the games, it could be something good for the studio hosts to try out. They could use it as a preview to the halftime show, and if the content is juicy enough, they might keep some people tuned in.

Is sideline tweeting in NBC’s future? (Albany Times-Union)

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