Giuseppe Rossi was born in New Jersey, but decided to try his hand with the Italian National Team (his father is an Italian citizen). After a great first half from USA, Rossi and the Italians turned on the juice and were easily able to dispatch of the Americans, who were down a player due to a terrible red card call in the first half. Here are your highlights….

GO BACK TO JERSEY! In all seriousness, the kid looks amazing and the U.S. Team should find a way to pay him off and get him back home. As far as the game goes, I enjoyed the entire contest, but I honestly had to mute it in the second half because the fans decided to continuously play these horns that turned the stadium into what sounded like a beehive.

I’m sure most people didn’t have much hope for USA, given the group that they’re in, but I thought they had a shot there for a second. One of these days, we’ll be allowed to play Italy with eleven players.