One of my favorite open threads was the Tiger Woods-Rocco Mediate open thread during the 2008 U.S. Open last year. I spent a day chronicling the playoff between the two, and had a blast doing so. I’m going to try and do a little of that today during Tiger’s round, and if you want to follow along, you’re more than welcome to do so. Woods is teeing off in about twenty, and I’ll give you a hole-by-hole recap, as well as some video when it’s warranted.

It’s Tiger, It’s Brendan Jones, and it’s on the Golf Channel….NEXT!

Mark Rolfing says that Tiger looked brilliant in his warmup, but that he didn’t seem to be swinging too hard. Brendan Jones is in for a heck of a round today. Here are some of the notable winners from earlier….

Lee Westwood, Camillo Villegs, Anthony Kim, Oliver Wilson (over KJ Choi)


Tiger is walking to the tee, and getting his potassium in with a quick banana before his round. He and Brendan Jones are waiting for another match, that went into OT, to move out of the first fairway. Tiger is up first and he hits his first shot, a 3-wood, in the fairway down the right hand side. Jones follows with a good strike as well that just scoots through the fairway into the left side rough. And we’re underway!!!

Tiger is away and sticks his shot within 10 feet of the pin. Man, the guy is a machine. Jones has a downhill lie, and will be trying to hit it on the right of the green and run it towards the hole (same thing Tiger did). He’s short and in the left, front bunker.

Nice out by Jones and his bunker shot skips past the hole, but within Tiger’s distance. Tiger with about a six footer…..Drains It! Welcome back.

Woods 1 up thru 1


We’ve got a Par 5 for hole two, and it’s 574 yards. Tiger with another shot in the fairway, and Jones follows with another drive in the rough. It should be okay though. Quick flip over to Phil Mickelson, and he smashes a drives through a Par 3 and into the gallery. Good one, Phil.

Jones with 252 to go….down the middle but short of the green. Tiger with 238 to go, but a difficult angle. WOW!!!! It’s another shot within 10 feet of the hole. Perfect play, and he’ll have an eagle attempt to go up 2 holes on Jones.

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