I forget the program I was listening to the other day, but an interesting point was raised about the Super Bowl. The radio host was talking Boxing and pay-per-view, and mentioned that he thought that within ten years the Super Bowl would be moved to that format. While that’s certainly discerning, it’s definitely years away. Unlike the reality that the Super Bowl could be played in London soon.

Roger Goodell has been denying stateside for months that the Super Bowl could be played overseas, but the BBC is saying something completely different….

The NFL has had “substantive talks” with officials in London about holding the Super Bowl in the city, a senior league official has told BBC Sport.

While commissioner Roger Goodell has previously admitted an interest in bringing the game to London, this is the first confirmation of discussions.

“We’ve spoken on what it would take to host and for us to bring it over,” said events vice-president Frank Supovitz.

“The city has all the facilities needed, and in great quantity.”

Supovitz was talking in New York City where the NFL Draft will take place this weekend.

“We have had very substantive conversations with the city of London. We’ve got to the point of exploring the bid document,” he added.

Call me an “Ugly American”, but I think the majority of the country would be really upset if the Super Bowl went to England. I certainly think it would be a success, and that the event would instantly sell out, but the Super Bowl is an American icon. The only good thing that could come about this, is that the game would be starting at 2 or 3pm here, instead of six something. The wait is the worst part.

NFL in talks on London Super Bowl (BBC)