I forget a lot of the time that the NFL on FOX is shot in Los Angeles, but you couldn’t forget that last Friday night as a few the boys from the pregame show attacked the town. According to TMZ (via SbB), the trio consisted of Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan and the elfish Jimmy Johnson, and the gossip hub has a video of the boozers for you to watch as well.

While a lucid Strahan and red-faced Johnson, don’t disappoint, it’s Terry Bradshaw and a random lady friend that steal the show. Both Strahan and Johnson answered questions from the cameraman (Strahan more than Johnson), but a seemingly tipsy Bradshaw completely ignores the guy while getting into the passenger seat of a car. What happens next is beyond awesome. Just watch for the very attractive female who slides into frame around the 1:20 mark….


I’ve watched enough of these to know what that was all about. That is what those in the business call “interference”, and it’s kind of ironic that they are doing it to an ex-Quarterback. I’m sure it seemed unnecessary to you for her to go that far, but people will go to any lengths to stop photos of themselves when they’re drunk.

My favorite part is obviously when she says, “You wanna go street? I’ll give you street s**t!”, but the best move was her laying across the passenger side of the car to block the camera. I don’t know about you, but there was a part of me that wanted that thing to just speed off right then.

I don’t want her hurt badly or anything….just a toe or two taken out. Now where’s my man Gary?! We’re ready to roll!!!

Broadcasters Who Booze Together (TMZ)

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