I don’t know if it’s ESPN’s terrible Day One coverage, the length of the thing or the lack of suspense during picks, but I think the NFL Draft is now officially unwatchable. Hour after hour, it’s picks being ruined by ESPN or the NFL Network showing kids getting calls on their cell phone, and analysts making up ridiculous phrases to describe said draft picks. I mean, Steve Young described Mark Sanchez as “Presidential”. What the hell does that even mean?

This year was also marred by the Erin Andrews “green room” experiment. While I understand the need for interviews, you really didn’t need to send her to New Jersey on Day Two, to talk to the Cosbys….


That was fun right? Especially considering Quan Cosby didn’t even get drafted! I know see the difference between having someone like Suzy Kolber asking picks about their workout regiment, and Erin Andrews asking Michael Crabtree about how many texts he’s received.

I know I’m going to continue to watch the Draft, but I might just stick to Day Two from here on out.