Near the end of every Baseball season, networks scramble to pick up some of the games in the Playoff race, and this year is no different. We saw some of it last weekend, but the real fun will start this Friday night. TBS has decided to pick up the Red Sox-Yankees game that evening, with Chip Caray and Buck Martinez on the call.

The MLB Network will also air a BOS-NYY game (today, 3:30pm), as well showing the Tigers, Twins, Cardinals and Rockies, in the coming week. Add to that the FOX and ESPN schedules and you have one heck of a Baseball weekend. Here’s a schedule for you….

Wednesday, September 23rd

Yankees at Angels – TBD (MLB-N, 3:30pm)
Phillies at Florida Marlins – Dave O’Brien and Rick Sutcliffe (ESPN, 7pm)
Giants at Diamondbacks – Dan Shulman and Joe Morgan (ESPN, 10pm)

Thursday, September 24th

Tigers at Indians – Victor Rojas and Mitch Williams (MLB-N, 7pm)

Friday, September 25th

Red Sox at Yankees – Chip Caray, Buck Martinez and Craig Sager (TBS, 7pm)

Saturday, September 26th

Cubs at Cardinals – Josh Lewin and Mark Grace (FOX, 4:10pm)
Dodgers at Giants – Chris Rose and Jose Mota (FOX, 4:10pm)
Tigers at Twins – Dick Bremer and Ron Allen (FOX, 4:10pm)
Cardinals at Rockies – TBD (MLB-N, 8pm)

Sunday, September 28th

Cardinals at Rockies – Chip Caray and Buck Martinez (TBS, 3pm)
Twins at Tigers – TBD (MLB-N, 7pm)
Red Sox at Yankees – Jon Miller, Joe Morgan and Steve Phillips (ESPN, 1pm/Re-Air @ 8:30pm)