I know I go overboard when it comes to Chris Mortensen, and I know that people hate Stephen A. Smith posts, but I just couldn’t pass up this comparison on the heels of the Chris Bosh rumors. Stephen A. came out last week and said that Chris Bosh was telling the Raptors that he wasn’t resigning with the team, and that Toronto was looking into trading the All-Star. Both Bosh and management said that the whole story was entirely made up and to not listen to the ESPN analyst, but Smith is fighting back the best way he can. By blogging about it!

In case anyone didn’t comprehend what I reported first on ESPNews Sunday morning, then SportsCenter Monday night, let me be clear: My sources tell me Chris Bosh wants out of Toronto. Preferably before 2010, when he’s free to opt out of his contract. They’ve also informed me Bosh has quietly made the Raptors aware of this, that he wouldn’t mind interest from Miami or Dallas, at all, and that he’s hopeful his days as a Raptor will come to an end sooner than when the LeBron James’ Sweepstakes hits the fan in 2010.

Both Bosh and Raptors’ President, Bryan Colangelo have emphatically denied Bosh has made the Raptors aware of anything. Feel free to believe them if you want to. And while you’re at it, feel free to to conveniently forget that Damon Stoudamire, Marcus Camby, Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter all echoed similar sentiments before they skipped town, too.

I find it hard to believe that anyone working at an organization as large as ESPN, would be in the habit of making up stories, but I could be wrong. I also thought that the “Leader” was phasing out Screamin’ A., but apparently they’re keeping around for the controversy. As far as Bosh goes, you know he’s leaving but he has to deny it because I’m sure he doesn’t want the Vinsanity treatment when he returns.

Boshed (Stephen A. Smith)

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