Steven Cohen, a satellite Soccer radio talk show host, made a comment recently about fans of Liverpool, and fans of the team are not happy at all with him. Cohen made a statement that the fans of the team should begin taking a share of the responsibility for the Hillsborough disaster, on the 20th anniversary of the tragic game that killed 96 people, and fans decided to email him death threats. In fact, they’ve gone so far as to threaten kidnapping “his fiancee’s children and to burn down his house.”….

“It’s spread like a virus,” he said.

Cohen estimates more than 3,500 e-mails were sent to his show regarding the controversy.

“I’ve seen the Taliban less defensive,” Cohen said. “If this was being done in Afghanistan or Pakistan, we’d call these people terrorists. A lot of them are little cowards hiding behind their computers.

“(But) I feel my life and my livelihood is at stake.”

Some e-mails compare Cohen’s comments to blaming the victims in the World Trade Center for Sept. 11.

“You almost wonder what they are protesting so much?” Cohen said. “Why do they care so much about what some nebbish in California in a soccer wasteland thinks? This is terror tactics from one club’s fans that are hypersensitive.”

It’s insane what lengths people will go to these days, isn’t it? You would think that people could understand that everyone who pushed into an overcrowded stadium, could take responsibility for the dangerous conditions, but I guess not.

Soccer Host Comments Make Liverpool Fans Livid (Sports By Brooks)

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