Bill Simmons has been openly campaigning for the Minnesota Timberwolves open GM spot, and according to some reports, upwards of 15,000 have emailed the Wolves ownership to bring him on. Simmons has even offered to work for free (as long as he can write about the experience in a book), but that doesn’t seem to be swaying the powers that be at all. Via the Star Tribune….

Just a day after I believed the Wolves had narrowed their search to former Indiana GM David Kahn, Glen Taylor and Rob Moor apparently continue it anew with a candidate in town this week.

I heard it was a candidate from within the Northwest division, possibly Portland assistant GM Tom Penn, the Blazers’ salary-capologist.

The first guy I thought of was Rex Chapman in Denver, who was with the organization for a brief time about three years ago. But it’s probably not him because he was at Nuggets practice today and I’m guessing the guy was in town today.

Sorry, but I don’t think it’s Bill Simmons, either.

Michael Rand, also of the Tribune, said that the Timberwolves are reporting that the 15K number is actually only 1.5K, but there’s definitely an interest from fans. I always thought Simmons would make a great GM, as long as he didn’t overdo it with the transactions. And hell, they really couldn’t do any worse, could they?

Under the Big Top: And the search goes on…looking west (again) to Portland? (Star Tribune)

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