Old people are funny. People have been playing beer pong in College, and at tailgates, for well over 10 years now, but Rick Reilly is just now learning of the pastime. His latest column is all about this “new” (to him) phenomenon, and how he attended the World Series of Beer Pong in Vegas. Oh and one more thing….his sons were in said Tournament. Via First Cuts….

Still, there were quality team names, such as: He Sucks … I’m Good; Beer Pong … Because Jesus Would; and Chase’s Mom ATM. There was also Francois the Butt Dusters, made up of my sons, Jake (21) and Kel (23). The Dusters started off 4–0, including a W over a team from Rochester, whose members, no joke, would, out of nowhere, slap each other hard on the face. The slapee, red-cheeked, would look at his partner—stunned—and then yell, “Yeeeeahhh!!!” One guy from Jersey ripped his shirt off just before a crucial point. One team played sitting on each other’s shoulders….

It should be noted that the final was filled with honor. Nobody mentioned anybody’s sister or flashed unwelcome appendages. That’s good. All this bush league stuff will have to go if we’re going to take beer pong to the next level: the Olympics.

Hope they don’t test for whiskey.

Francois the Butt Dusters!?!?! I personally would have gone with “Two Balls, One Cup”, but I guess that’s just as good. Seriously though, it’s kind of cool that Reilly would show up to his son’s attempt at College fame, and then right a column on it for ESPN. I’m more surprised that ESPN actually published the article than Reilly actually attending.

Introducing the next great American pastime: beer pong. (ESPN the Mag)
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