Brian Windhorst, of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, has broken just about every single Cavaliers story/trade that’s gone down over the past few years. He had the Mo Williams information first, and more recently, had the Joe Smith deal before anyone else. Most people would speak highly of someone with such a stellar record of finding things out, but apparently ESPN’s Ric Bucher isn’t most people.

Bucher is the latest person to head onto the B.S. Report, and the NBA analyst decided to take a few shots at the CPD writer. Via Cursed Cleveland….

“The Plain Dealer came out and said very early on that Joe Smith was going to the Cavs, but I know as early as yesterday that there was a chance it could have come apart and he could have been headed to the Lakers… it got a little contentious… at the end of the day does the Plain Dealer look wrong…? No, because he ended up there, but were they completely on the beam… maybe not?

And so, my issue now is right now is….You have people who put things there, that are not couched, that put it out there early because they want to be first, and then they’re not right. There’s no culpability, there’s no okay…this is going to happen and it didn’t.”

Seems rather petty to use the culpability, when there’s not a reporter or ESPN personality that every apologizes for getting things wrong. I don’t know what Bucher’s beef with Windhorst is, but this seems like someone being jealous of a beat writer’s talent.

Ric Bucher Rips Plain Dealer and Brian Windhorst’s Reportage (Cursed Cleveland)