Quan Cosby is a potential draftee out of the University of Texas. You may remember him from his Fiesta Bowl performance, where he had 14 catches, 171 yards and 2tds (one coming with :16 left). Well, while Mark Sanchez is being followed around Southern California, Quan Cosby will be hanging with legendary comedian (and certifiably insane now), Bill Cosby! The wide receiver will be in Englewood, NJ, hanging with Mr. Huxtable, before he performs that night. Of course ESPN will be there to capture all the Cosby (no relation) goodness….

Cosby will watch the draft with actor/comedian Bill Cosby at a theater in Englewood, N.J., where the elder Cosby (no relation) will perform that night. Bill Cosby was impressed with the Texas receiver’s play in the Fiesta Bowl, so he had his representatives contact Quan and they struck up a friendship. Quan even introduced Cosby when the comedian performed in Austin, Texas. They will watch the draft together this weekend and if Quan – projected as a late-round pick – is selected when Cosby is performing Sunday night, Cosby has pledged to stop his show and introduce Quan on stage. ESPN will be there to capture the moment.

That sounds ten times better than having to sit inside Radio City Music Hall on day one, or have your family bugging you when you drop to the third round. Plus, Bill is likely to do something completely batty when Quan finally gets picked.

Here are the slew of other players ESPN will show remotely….Sanchez; Connor Barwin (Cincinnati); Donald Brown (UConn); Everette Brown (Florida State); Vontae Davis (Illinois); Darrius Heyward-Bey (Maryland); Malcolm Jenkins (Ohio State); Jeremy Maclin (Missouri); Clay Matthews (USC); Aaron Maybin (Penn State); Knowshon Moreno (Georgia); BJ Raji (Boston College); Andre Smith (Alabama); Chris “Beanie” Wells (Ohio State); Darius Butler (UConn); Louis Delmas (Western Michigan), Cornelius Ingram (Florida); LeShon McCoy (Pittsburgh); Alphonso Smith (Wake Forest); Ian Johnson (Boise State)

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