Week Three Announcing Schedule

“Javid Breast.”- Chris Spielman (via 49er16)

“It’s time to separate the platinum (bad teams) from the white (good teams) gold.”- Desmond Howard (via Joe)

The hand signals allow him to call more things, they’re like sign language – Bob Griese (via Matt)

“A lot of things were going on after that ball went in the endzone, er, out of bounds, and Carolina, er, North Carolina is going to get penalized.” – Ray Bentley (via JFein)

“He’s pulling out too soon.”- Doc Walker (via Stewart)

“The team only seems to do well after the other team scores a touchdown.” – Pam Ward (via JFein)

“You sure it’s only a couple of games you’re watching, you got 30 televisions there.” – Dave Pasch to Rece Davis

“Clemson can get cute, but between the tackles theyre getting jiggy with it just bulldozing” – Doc Walker (via JGreul)

“That ball should not have been thrown. Everybody was coming.” – Bob Griese

“I was impressed by his thickness.” – Chris Speilman (via MJF3)

“He got most of those yardage in the first half.” – Bob Griese (via JFein)

“You want everyone to send you cupcakes!”- Robert Smith
“I’ve already got plenty.”- Wendy Nix

“Don’t mistake these Ducks as decoys.”- Ron Franklin (via 49er16)

“A drive is a victory for Tennessee.”- Gary Danielson

“He bangs inside the 20.” – Verne Lundquist, who put a very awkward emphasis on bangs (via JFein)

“So if you have to land that water plane on land how do you do it?”- Terry Gannon
“It has wheels on it”- David Norrie
(via BSPN)

“The talented Freshman, who was just in a highschool classroom twenty minutes ago.”- Matt Millen

“He runs the ball with great bodyling.”- Gary Danielson

“Tim Tebow with only 4 interceptions all last year’s championship….year.”- Verne Lundquist

“Husky fans looking for a little purple haze.”- Terry Gannon (via BSPN)

“Unless it looks obvious, I’m eating a hotdog, and going with what the guy on the field had.”- Gary Danielson on the replay booth

“2nd down is the NFL play action down. We’ll see if Oakland counts as the NFL.” – Gary Danielson (via Adam)

“He’s got great eye vision.”- Gary Danielson

“The extra point from 20 yards out…and Tennessee gets three.” – Verne Lundquist (via Adam)

“David Nelson will get an ear feel from his coach.”- Gary Danielson

“The bonzai offense, as they’re now calling it here, a lot of the calls come from the sidelines.”- Gary Danielson

“Its like Van Halen opening up for the Jonas Brothers”- David Norrie on the switch back from UT-FL to BC-CLEM

“This is not a good interchange…we go from Tracy Wolfson to Tim Brando. America is the loser.”- Verne Lundquist (via Adam)

“He hurt his ankle in the first week of the game.”- Pam Ward (via Jeremy)

“There have been Hollywood marriages that haven’t lasted as long as the last few minutes of this half.”- Bob Picozzi (via Joe)

“A bing, a bang, and a bong.”- Gary Danielson
“Sounds like a late night college experience”- Verne Lundquist

“So it’ll be 1st and ten at the 52 yard line…”- Todd Harris (via Mike)

“They (ARK) have some young receivers, that are pretty good lookin”- Todd Blackledge (via Stewart)

“We want to tell you about the latest upsate to date.”- Wendy Nix

“His name might be Childs, but that was a man catch.” – Brad Nessler (via JFein)

“Did you know that it’s “National Talk Like A Pirate….Day”….today?”- Brent Musburger

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