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Week Six Announcing Schedule

“The Arizona Defense is last in the SEC.”- Bob Griese (via Jason)

“Youve got to put finger in dike, dam is about to burst.” – Tim Brandt (via JGreul)

“This man is writing his own chapter in the book of fantastic.”- Doc Walker (via JGreul)

“Spurnability out of the backfield.”- Bob Rathbun (via Joe)

“…like Sharks to chum” – Chris Spielman
“I think that’s the first time we’ve ever heard the word “chum” on a college football broadcast” – Dave Pasch
“Obviously you’ve never eaten at the Chum Bucket, operated by our good friend Plankton” – Chris Spielman
(via Ryan)

“Some father-daughter action. That’s what it’s all about.”- Dave Lapham (via 49er)

“His friends in high school used to call him jetski, because of the way the dirt came off him.”- David Norrie (via BSPN)

“Kinestetic…yeah i said it.”- Matt Millen
“What does that mean exactly.”- Sean McDonough
“Body part awareness. That’s what that is. And if it didn’t, it does now. I just made it up.”- Matt Millen

“I can’t root for Jimmie Johnson to win the Nextel Cup b/c of all of his Super Bowl wins.”- Matt Millen (via Blunty)

“I’ll tell you what muscles that’s working. That’s working the pectoralis majors and pectoralis minors.”- Akbar Gbaja-Biamila as the Middies have to do 56 pushups after a score against Rice.

“Dive play. Greg Louganis is going to show up here soon.”- Verne Lundquist

“Earl Thomas down the sideline. GOODBYE EARL!”- Brad Nessler with a Dixie Chicks reference

“He’s a war-daddy.”- Kirk Herbstreit

“If they don’t stop Tebow, it’s going to be a long afternoon.”- Spencer Tillman at 9:30pm EST

“The Dodger swept the Cardinals in the National Championship Series.” – Brent Musburger (via JFein)

“When speed goes in the wrong direction, that can be a bad thing. So when you have fast guys that run the wrong way fast, that’s even worse than slow guys that run the wrong way slow.”- Bob Davie

“Some kettle corn. And it’s percolating and poppin’ down on the field.”- Mark Jones