Back again for a full day of Pammy goodness. See you all at noon….

Week Seven Announcing Schedule

“You’re looking pretty good for an old guy.”- Pam Ward to Ray Bentley

“The tight end did an outstanding job in the hole.” – Brent Musburger (via JFein)

“The gameplan working perfectly for Northwestern so far. With no points to show for it.”- Pam Ward

“They are just dialed in on #8, Jeremy Shockely, er, Jordan Shipley.” – Kirk Herbstreit (via JFein)

“Herbie, let’s call this the Red River Fistfight.”- Brent Musburger (via 49er)

“You can’t advance on the muff.”- Kirk Herbstreit

“Let’s take a look at our first half staff…..uhh….stats.”- Pam Ward

“Nagurski that is a great word for a linebacker.”- Brent Musberger (via Jason)

Sorry Brent, Nagurski was a D Tackle and Fullback.

“Of course the solution of all of this would be a playoff.”- Pam Ward
“Don’t get me started.”- Ray Bentley
“Don’t hold your breath. You’ll be dead real soon.”- Pam Ward

Pammy being a little grim, but actually made me laugh.

“On the second series of the day, he only played two series.”- Brent Musberger (via BSPN)

“You’re from Syracuse, and they have a great college hockey legacy, you know.”- Eddie Robinson Jr. (via Joe….’Cuse has no hockey team)

“And it’s a touchdown! No, it’s out of bounds! – Verne Lundquist
“Actually they’re going to call a hold on it.” – Gary Danielson

“I thought he could have thrown it higher, but he could not have thrown it any better.” – Gary Danielson (via JFein)

” A lot of people with there protractors out, trying to project”- David Norrie (via BSPN)

“It’s a wildcat, with a 250 pound cat.”- Gary Danielson on Tebow

“It’s like dial-up modem versus high-speed Internet.”- Pat Haden, after McKnight’s big run (via Benne)

“Pete Carroll with an overactive competitive thyroid.”- Pat Haden (via BSPN)

“It’s gotta be undisputed visual evidence, not video.”- Todd Harris

“A long wait on this review.”- Tom Hammond
“Has it gone all the way to the Supreme Court?”- Pat Haden
(via Benne)

“Looking for a sweep tonight at Yankee Stadium as his beloved Yankees take on the Anaheim Angels!”- Todd Harris