One of the more anticipated (and controversial) things to debut this March is, Billy Packer and Bob Knight’s newest endeavor, “Survive and Advance”. I was curious to see what the duo had planned, and as it turns out, the site is actually pretty informative and entertaining. There is obviously a bracket contest, but on top of that they’ve added videos, trivia and an online talk show. Here are some quotes by Knight and Packer on the site, and one of the videos they put together on Magic Johnson….

Billy Packer: “I first thought about this project years ago, and I wanted a way to expand my ability to communicate my love of basketball beyond what I could do while broadcasting games all those years. Even though I am not technically savvy I wanted to use this website to work in conjunction with our upcoming Fox SportsNet TV show to help us reach out to as many fans as possible. Frank Sinatra said I did it “my way,” and though I am not him, I’m doing this multi-platform project my way, and this is something I have planned on for a few years now and I always wanted to do with my good friend Bob Knight.”

Bob Knight: “I am very excited about working on this project with Billy. In all the years that he has worked on NCAA basketball I have always been very impressed with his insight into the game and his ability to tell the viewing audience what’s going on in the game and why it’s happening. I have great respect for his knowledge of the game and think the two of us doing something together will be enjoyable and informative for the audience and that’s what we intend to do here.”

Looking through the videos, it seems like this might be the direction and change that Packer needed. He always had a great Basketball mind, but over the years he got more and more surly, and seemingly disinterested in the Sport. I think this is the perfect venue for him, and he already seems more relaxed and focused on sharing his views with fans.

The “Talk Show” portion airs Sundays at Midnight, starting March 15th (Selection Sunday), and will be on FSN. I’ll be sure to get video up of the first show as well.

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