HBO has nabbed Brett Lorenzo Favre as the first guest on Joe Buck Live, and the interview will serve as his first interview since the Vikings rumors began. Not only will Favre be appearing on the debut show, but the network has also lined up David Wright, Michael Irvin and comedian Artie Lange. Wait really?

Primed to be entertaining, informative and lively, the premiere of Joe Buck Live will offer a diverse collection of interviews, opinions and humor as the topic of Sports & Celebrity is addressed. The show will originate from midtown Manhattan and a live studio audience will get to participate.

Segment One: One- on-One live interview with former Green Bay and New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre.

Segment Two: The Glare of Celebrity with former Dallas Cowboy wide receiver and radio personality Michael Irvin and Cincinnati Bengals newsmaker and wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. David Wright of the New York Mets will appear in a taped piece on living in the hot New York media spotlight.

Segment Three: A comedy panel featuring Paul Rudd, Artie Lange and Jason Sudeikis, offering their unrehearsed take on sports and celebrity.C

I honestly thought that the first episode was going to just be a lame panel discussion about athletes and celebrities, but this lineup is pretty impressive. The show will also be airing a few taped segments, including one from the Will Ferrell comedy site, “Funny or Die”. I’ll try to have clips up later tonight, or tomorrow morning.

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