I have no idea how this happened, or when it happened, but apparently Comcast and the NFL Network have struck a deal! Via Fang’s Bites….


“Comcast and the NFL are engaged in productive discussions toward a new agreement for NFL Network carriage on Comcast. NFL Network will continue to be carried on Comcast systems past tonight’s scheduled expiration of the current contract while both sides continue these productive discussions. We are both working to find a solution that works for NFL fans and Comcast’s customers.”

Wow. That could quite possibly be the biggest turnaround during a negotiation that I’ve ever seen. The two hated each other for months, and at the last minute they came together to keep the channel on the cable company. I’m certainly not complaining though.

BREAKING NEWS: NFL Network Will Remain on Comcast Systems … For Now (Fang’s Bites)

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