Had no idea Brian Westbrook was the equestrian type.

Hicks gets upended by Kyle Eckel after a 15-yard return. T-Jack hits Kleinsasser, who heads out past the 30 for a first down. No gain for AP’s first carry of the half. 2 yards on the pitch to Taylor. Another big pass to Kleinsasser, 17 yards and past midfield.

Both RBs exchange getting stopped up after an offsides call on Trent Cole; 3rd and 5. Eagles blitz, knock the ball away from Jackson, but he falls on it. Loses 12 yards, fourth down. Kluwe to punt to DeSean Jackson, not much on the return — but a flag, and it’ll back up the Eagles even more for holding.

McNabb hits for a first down after two rushes that get nowhere, Avant brings in the catch at the 11. Donny Mac is hitting passes in stride; latest receiver is Brent Celek, who’s got another first down at midfield. 2nd and 3 pass gets knocked down. McNabb throws behind Avant, but he catches it for five and a first down. Gain of two on a running play. 3rd down…McNabb gets off a pass….but they call it a sack, as his forward progress had been stopped. Punt to Bobby Wade at the 10.

Taylor gets six, AP three, and the drive comes up short. Punt, and DeSean Jackson returns it all the way back deep into Minnesota territory.

That was quick. Minnesota gets the ball right back after Jared Allen knocks the ball out of Donovan McNabb’s hand as he was throwing.

Incomplete on first down from Jackson. AP up to the 49 on the next play, and that ends the third quarter. No fun at all, with the lack of scoring. 3rd down is incomplete to Berrian, with good coverage from Mikell. DeSean Jackson is back, lets the punt go, and the ball could either be downed at the 4, or it’s a touchback — and they say it’s a touchback because his foot was still in the end zone…..it’s reviewed, and overturned. Ball at the 4 yard line. An actual good challenge by Childress. Amazing.

Westbrook runs to the right — and gets stoned at the line of scrimmage. 2nd and 9 to Avant — leans out for the first down, much needed, too. McNabb then goes to Reggie Brown over the middle for nine yards. Westbrook gets three yards for the first down. Kevin Curtis is wide open at the 43 for another completion. Nothing for Westbrook there, followed by a false start. McNabb to Curtis for 8 on 2nd down and 15. 3rd down — the rush is on, Brian Robison hits McNabb’s arm as he’s throwing, and it comes down incomplete.

Sav Rocca’s punt goes out of bounds. Vikes start at the 20. AP gets five yards on the carry. Jackson to Rice for 14 yards, out at about the 37, and I’m really getting sick of that damn horn they play in the Metrodome every Viking first down. Handoff to AP for one, stopped up by Chris Gocong. False start flag on Berrian makes it 2nd and 14. Sheldon Brown almost ripped that pass for a pick — he stepped right into Berrian’s route. Eagles bring the blitz on 3rd and 13, and Jackson throws it away from Shiancoe.

Kluwe’s punt is only 36 yards, the Eagles will start with decent field position. Handoff to Westbrook….blocks up front, and he’s in full gear! Brian Westbrook, 71 yards for the EAGLES TOUCHDOWN! Akers’ extra point is good, 23-14.

Hicks’ return is out to the 25. Three incomplete passes by Jackson later (and a near pick by Dawkins), Kluwe will punt again. DeSean gets three yards on the return at the Iggles’ 24.

Hey, an actual screen pass for Westbrook, something Reid talked about but never did up until that point, and it got a touchdown!!!! In other news, Andy has discovered fire. – SSR
Andy Reid the only man that can hold Westbrook under 100 yds – JG
Before that TD, Westbrook went into the locker room to put on his Darren Sproles underwear. – Anon @ 7:22

Westbrook for a couple on the carry. 2nd and 7 loses yardage, as McNabb throws a screen to Celek, who gets whacked by Madieu Williams. Westbrook gets 11, but is short of the first down — ugh, punt again….Yawn.

Vikes start at their own 15, incomplete to Wade. Jackson throws out of the reach of Shiancoe. Another incomplete, but a Philly linebacker gets called for roughing the passer with hands to the helmet, and an automatic first down. Jackson breaks the pocket, and rushes it all the way out to midfield. Low snap, fumbled, and recovered by Philly!

Westbrook for five or six. McNabb hits Celek again for a first down, forcing Minny to blow another time out. Rush by Westbrook, called back on holding, but declined by Minny. 2 minute warning and fourth down. Akers comes out and drills a fourth FG, 26-14, Eagles.

Just waiting for the clock to run out, guys…false start penalty. Another Taylor rush. Dawkins breaks up a pass. Another penalty, and eight seconds left. The game will end with a Philly win, 26-14. They’re headed to the Meadowlands next week to play their division rivals, the Giants, and Arizona’s headed to Charlotte to play Carolina.