The reviews were mixed from the first announcer switch, when Breen, JVG, and Jackson got traded to the NCAA for Vitale and Shulman, and the ratings didn’t really seem to grow based on the stunt. And while “Announcer Swap #2” probably won’t see that great of ratings either, the move itself is extremely interesting.

On Monday night, ESPN2 will air Pat Summitt’s attempt at win #1,000 against #2 Oklahoma, and Brent Musburger and Bob Knight will be on the call. Why is that interesting, you ask? Well, you have the all-time NCAA Men’s leader in Knight, working a game featuring the all-time wins leader in Summitt.

The announcement will come later today, and I’ll have more info if there is any, but this plan seems like a winner. While the last move came off as more of a stunt than anything else, this one seems more like ESPN is capitalizing on a great opportunity.

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