Chris Mortensen has stated that he has not spoken to Favre himself, or his agent since last week, but that isn’t stopping the ESPN reporter from shooting down a report from one of his co-workers. Trent Dilfer said the other day that Favre texted him with an unequivocal “NO”, when asked about his return to the NFL. But according to Mort, his buddy Favre was responding to something else.

Mortensen was on Mike & Mike this morning, and when the subject of Favre and Dilfer came up, he stated that he believed Brett to be answering the question of whether he had hired a personal trainer. Here’s the audio….

While Mortensen could certainly be right (and lord knows Greenberg is, about everyone being sick of this), but completely disregarding a colleague’s report about the situation is pretty messed up. It’s not like that is a first for Mort though.

Mort Tries To Explain Favre’s Text Message To Dilfer (Pro Football Talk)

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