There are a ton of games scheduled for the World Baseball Classic starting on March 5th, and because of that the MLB Network has worked with ESPN to pick a pretty capable set of announcers for the tournament. Unfortunately none of those people will be on the A-team that will call the Championship Game. Calling that game will be one of AA’s most despised annoucers, in Gary Thorne, and the one and only Rick Sutcliffe.

Those two aside, the rest of the lineup is pretty impressive and includes ex-Yankee announcer Jim Kaat, and the great Charley Steiner! Here’s you schedule….

ROUND ONE (March 5th – March 12th)

Pool A (Tokyo, Japan) – China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea
Announcers: Jon Sciambi, Orestes Destrade

Pool B (Mexico City, Mexico)- Australia, Cuba, Mexico, South Africa
Announcers: Charley Steiner, Jose Mota

Pool C (Toronto, Canada)- Canada, Italy, United States, Mexico
Announcers: Dave O’Brien, Rick Sutcliffe, Victor Rojas, Joe Magrane

Pool D (San Juan, Puerto Rico)- Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Panama, Puerto Rico
Announcers: Rich Waltz, Jim Kaat

ROUND TWO (March 14th – March 19th)

Pool 1 (San Diego, California)- Pool A Winner, Pool B Winner, Pool A Runner-up, Pool B Runner-up
Announcers: Jon Sciambi, Buck Martinez

Pool 2 (Miami, Florida)- Pool C Winner, Pool D Winner, Pool C Runner-up, Pool D Runner-up
Announcers: Charley Steiner, Gary Thorne, Jose Mota

FINALS (March 21 – March 24)

Los Angeles, California- Pool 1 Winner, Pool 2 Winner, Pool 1 Runner-up, Pool 2 Runner-up
Announcers: Gary Thorne, Rick Sutcliffe

Update: This is the World feed announcers, ESPN and MLB Network will have a separate list coming tomorrow.

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