Major League Baseball has hired a lot of famous people as bloggers in the past (i.e.- Alyssa Milano), but this might actually be one of their better additions. is now employing Keith Olbermann as a blogger, and has even come up with an extremely clever name for his writing space. The “Baseball Nerd”….here’s a snippet….

Like the relaxed pace and increased interaction of Spring Training wasn’t thrill enough. This is the start of my 43rd year as a fan, my 43rd year attending games, and my 43rd year of keeping score. On Saturday in Phoenix, I witnessed, for the first time, a triple play. First and second, Oakland’s Bobby Crosby with a solid one-hopper to Ryan Rohlinger of the Giants. Rohlinger unsuccessfully tried to tag elusive Oakland runner Matt Carson, fired to Matt Downs at second for one out, who relayed to Scott McClain at first for another. That’s when it became evident Carson had been called out for leaving the baseline. A double play is, of course, scored by writing the position numbers (5-4-3) and circling them. A triple play requires two circles. Making my first “second circle” was the thrill of the spring.

I never knew Spring Training was sooooo beautiful! Good luck, Keith….welcome to the Dark Side!

Introducing the Baseball Nerd (Baseball Nerd)