What is it with the Mikes today, or yesterday for that matter? First Mike Patrick said he wanted to see Barry Bonds in prison stripes, and now NESN/NBC/CBC’s Mike Milbury is calling players “dicks” on live television? Milbury used to be the GM of the Islanders, and drafted a player by the name of Tim Connolly in 1999, but then traded the Center onto the Sabres just two years later. Well apparently there’s some bad blood between the two.

During the second intermission of the Bruins-Flyers game on NESN, Milbury and co-host Kathryn Tappen were showing highlights around the league. When the Buffalo highlights came up, and a clip of a Connolly goal was scored, Milbury sort of lost it. Barry Melrose Rocks has the breakdown….

During the second intermission, they’re going through highlights from games around the league. You would think things would be pretty tame. I know, it’s Milbury, but we’re talking about simple highlights here. Well, when they get to highlights of the Buffalo game, they play the video of Connolly’s goal, which opened the scoring. Tappen decides to ask Milbury for some comments on Connolly and he responds in the way we’ve kind of come to expect: “Tim Connolly, a former fifth overall pick…when he’s not injured or acting like a self-centered little dick he’s a very good player”

Live TV and folks who don’t have any internal mute buttons, a match made in heaven! A big thanks to NESN for giving Milbury a mic when he’s not on NBC or CBC. You’re keeping the masses entertained!

Well then! I’m still looking for the video, but I’m pretty sure it’s not okay to say the word “dick” on live television. As always….I could be wrong though.

Update: Video found, and unfortunately Milbury doesn’t use the word “dick”, but rather “dink”….

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