Deadspin broke the news on Saturday that Matt Millen would be joining up with ESPN, but today there’s even more news on the move. According to USA Today, Matt Millen would not only be on NFL coverage, but he’ll be working on some College games as well….

And rationally, you can say Millen is a promising broadcaster because, well, he’s already been one: After retiring in 1991 after 12 seasons as a player, his years on CBS and Fox made him a potential successor to John Madden — although nobody really thought Madden would retire.

Instead, Millen will succeed Emmitt Smith, whose fame ultimately couldn’t overcome his on-air miscues on Monday night pregame shows. And in also calling college games and making various studio show appearances, Millen won’t be hidden away until he proves himself.

And if you buy the idea that the best way to overcome your problem is to shine a light on it rather than try to cover it up, Millen’s ideal ESPN debut would come on its NFL Draft coverage Saturday. Wouldn’t you love to know the draft prospects that Millen really loves?

ESPN has yet to make this rumored move a reality, but it’s definitely a good one. There is the issue of credibility, but after a few months or so, people will probably forget about all of his terrible work with the Lions. Plus, who would you rather have, Millen or Emmitt Smith?

ESPN hires ex-Lions boss Millen as football analyst (USA Today)