I’m pretty sure USA and the Netherlands aren’t really rivals in a lot of things. Sure there’s the whole Vegas-Red Light District comparison, and the Edam vs. Cheddar war has raged for years, but that’s probably about it. Until now!

Watching the ball after a homerun is always frowned upon in Baseball, and especially if you’re doing so when down seven runs. That’s exactly what Netherlands player, Bryan Engelhardt, did following an 8th inning blast, and the States were none too happy about it. That’s when U.S. Pitcher, Matt Lindstrom decided to almost start an international incident by throwing at the next Dutch batter…..


Thankfully (or not thankfully) cooler heads prevailed, and no punches were thrown or other batters hit. Oh and the Americans eliminated the “Darling Dutch” from the Classic, so take that Holland!

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