If you’re not around on the weekend for the Pammies, there’s a running joke that we have. Brent Musburger is so ridiculously random, and occasionally slurs often enough that we like to think he’s drunk in the booth. Well apparently the same thing is true in Basketball.

Nearing the end of last night’s OSU-IU game, ESPN did a split screen with Musburger and Steve Lavin. Brad Nessler and Jimmy Dykes were on the next game, and after a few pleasantries, Musburger decided to talk about red wine and the fact that he might be drinking alone following the game.


Now I know this isn’t that bad (more funny than anything else), but who else could get away with talking about boozing it up, other than Musburger? I think most people would at least get a talking to.

Oh and I missed you Lavinburger! I would love to hear more about Lavin’s diet in the games to come!!!