Isiah Thomas conducted his first major interview with ESPN this afternoon, and the former Knicks coach talked about everything from his Golf game, to chatting with Bob Knight, to his desire to “build something from the ground up”. But the best part of the interview was by far Chris McKendry springing questions on him about the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him, and even his supposed suicide attempt. McKendry even flat out asked him if it was a suicide attempt, and Thomas couldn’t say that it wasn’t. Here’s the clip….

Well that was certainly awkward, but great job by McKendry in asking the tough questions. I still find it out that he didn’t address the suicide thing when it happened, but if the man says he wants to live, you have to take him on his word. Oh and as far as him coaching, I guess building something from the ground up is much easier if you haven’t spent years destroying it. There is something to hiring a big name like Isiah coaching in the College game though. I’m sure some kids would attend on name recognition alone.

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