EB at The Dagger came across an interesting new segment for ESPN’s College Basketball viewing audience, and it stars everyone’s favorite Coach….Bobby Knight. The premise is simple. Knight picks a player, breaks down his game in a film room, and everyone is more knowledgeable. Well as EB points out, the first “Knight Watch” on Blake Griffin is full of fail….

There are a couple of good nuggets in there — having Knight call the pump-fake his favorite move took me back to basketball camps as a still-budding blogger — but ultimately, the last sentence just blows it away: “In time, if he stays in college basketball, will be one of the two or three most dominant players as a senior.”

What?! Um, Coach Knight? Blake Griffin is already one of the two or three most dominant players in college basketball. As a sophomore. In fact, I’d say he is the most “dominant” player in college basketball this season, even if he’s not the “best,” which he might still be. And no, he’s not staying in college basketball. Give up that pipe dream immediately.

If Knight is going to be telling gamblers who to bet on this March, he might want to figure out who all the good players are. Just sayin’.

‘Knight Watch’ Watch: In which Blake Griffin has a chance to be really good (The Dagger)

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