Chris Johnson is undoubtedly very fast, but when describing his prowess in that department, you probably shouldn’t call it “get away from the cops speed”. That’s what Gus Johnson said during the Titans romp over the Jags yesterday, and it brings up a lot of questions. First the video….

“First down and ten. Johnson … gets his shoulders square! Watch out! He’s got gettin’ away from the cops speed. Touchdown.”- Gus Johnson

I know that this is just another attempt at making a clever comment, that went wrong, but an ESPN commenter just got suspended for a similar line of thinking recently. What would happen if Jim Nantz blurted that line out instead of Gujo?

Exciting calls like these are made on the fly, but every announcer should seriously just stick to the gameplan and not try to be so clever.

Press Coverage (The Sporting Blog)

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