Imagine the shock and horror on my face, when I turned on NBC’s pregame coverage Saturday, and Matt Millen was on the TV staring back at me. It’s not the fact that he was in an analyst chair (he has been there before), but rather that NBC already employees what seems like thirty people for their pre and postgame shows.

I then thought….okay….maybe it’s a one time thing, and they wanted to bring in a new voice for Wildcard Weekend. Ummm no….he’s actually going to be on-air for the network’s coverage of the Super Bowl as well. Via Watchdog….

NBC plans to announce Monday that former Lions president Matt Millen will participate in the network’s Super Bowl coverage Feb. 1 – not as a member of the game booth featuring Al Michaels and John Madden but in some other capacity.

Millen was much more competent in his earlier life as a TV analyst than he was running the Detroit club.

Asked by Dan Patrick on NBC Saturday whether he would have fired himself from the Lions if he were making the decision, Millen said, “I would have, actually. Probably not this year until after the season. I think when you start having changeover in an organization it filters down into the locker room. That’s tough to do. I thought that was a tough position for Rod Marinelli to be in. Rod’s a stud. Rod’s an outstanding football coach.”

Ummm, are you really going to expect us to listen to the thoughts from someone who just destroyed a franchise, NBC? I mean sure, Millen was one of the better analysts out there when he retired from Football. And he’s been on both CBS and FOX, as well as the radio side of Monday Night Football. But using someone who gave us the first 0-16 season ever to provide intelligent analysis during the Playoffs?

Whatever you think will help, I guess. At least he took the blame for destroying the Lions, so you’ve got that going for you Detroit….

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Matt Millen to join NBC’s Super Bowl XLIII coverage (Watchdog)