A gay rights group, called Egale Canada, is upset with CBC’s Mike Milbury for coining the term “pansification”, and using it at least twice this season. The term was used by Milbury to describe the NHL’s current discussion on fighting in the league, but the group doesn’t seem to buy that explanation. Via Globe and Mail….

Network spokesman Jeff Keay said neither Milbury nor Cherry intended to offend homosexuals by using “pansification,” a derivative of the word pansy.

“The point is, it was no way intended to be a reflection on or offensive to gay people,” Keay said. “I think the colloquial use of the term was something they didn’t associate with gay people. The way the language evolves over time, 20 or 30 years ago it would have been seen, reasonably enough, as a direct slur against gay people.

“But I think with usage now, I’m not sure the association is so immediate.”

Kennedy wasn’t buying the explanation.

“Words like pansification just further the stereotype and perpetuate the homophobic stereotype in our society,” she said yesterday.

I’ve always said that if you offend anyone, you apologize and move on, but this is a little ridiculous. Sure the word was developed in Elizabethan Times to describe and effeminate male, but you also have to take into consideration the intent of the person who said it. I can’t imagine that the thought of a comparison to homosexuality even crossed Milbury’s mind.

Gay group outraged by CBC’s use of ‘pansification’ (Globe and Mail)

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