TBS might have had one of the worst set of broadcasts a network has every had, and the fact that people were singing the praises of Buck and McCarver….speaks volumes. Following the Phillies’ series clinching win on Wednesday night, TBS’ Ernie Johnson made his way to the podium to present the team’s brass with the trophy. Ernie, being the true professional that he is, decided to announce the pleasure it was for his network to call the NLCS. Bad idea….

I don’t say this very often, actually ever, but THANK YOU PHILADELPHIA! There is no better way to voice your displeasure for a network than they way you just demonstrated. I commend you, and promise to never bring up you guys booing Santa Claus….EVER AGAIN!

(P.S.- Don’t get me wrong about Ernie Johnson. The reaction by him is the reason why he’s one of the best in the business.)

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