Sorry for the lateness in posting today, but I’m following the DC School System’s two-hour delay for the day. Other than that, it’s March which means lots of things. March Madness, Hockey Playoffs to name a few, but more importantly…it’s Women’s History Month (who knew right?). Well ESPN is planning on a multitude of events which will lead up to an hour-long special at the end of the month….

In March, ESPN will celebrate Women’s History Month by sharing many empowering and inspirational stories of young female athletes through a cross-platform initiative, culminating with a one-hour special, Her Story, on Friday, March 27, at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN.

Focusing on female athletes between the ages of 13-24, this month-long effort will kick off Sunday, March 8 with an investigation into young girls and the underreporting of concussions by reporter Peter Keating (Outside the Lines, 9 a.m.). A series of vignettes, airing multiple times across ESPN’s networks, will also begin on March 8.

“ESPN has long been a home of women’s sports, including the entire NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament,” said John Skipper, executive vice president, content. “This month-long celebration provides an opportunity to highlight the accomplishments of young female athletes, their contributions to advancing the world of sports and the challenges facing these athletes today.”

For as much grief as I give ESPN, they do a great job of promoting race and gender issues in and around Sports. Hannah Storm will host the hour-long special, and the show will interview a handful of people including Bethany Hamilton (surfer who lost her arm to a shark attack) and the group in Austin, Texas that led the rebirth of Roller Derby.

Now with all of the praise out of the way, can you do something with that logo ESPN? It’s a tad bland.